The effort aims to find natural ways to address searise, protect communities, and preserve natural habitats.
The project will demolish the three-story headhouse on Navy Pier and create a 10-acre park and memorial
The 100-year-old apartment community at 326 Juniper St. is considered a “hallmark” of its era — and a “real estate jewel” of present-day San Diego.
The facility’s improved layout includes 58 dog rooms, 55 cat kennels, and 53 spaces for smaller pets.
The landmark’s historic Naval Building 178 will become the Joan and Irwin Jacobs Performing Arts Center — the future permanent home of Cygnet Theatre.
The Kitchen opens in late February 2024 and The Clubhouse in March 2024 — each featuring dishes by Executive Chef Ryan Bullock.
The former site of Horton Plaza is undergoing a redevelopment that will add new retails spaces, housing complexes, and life science offices.
The $32 million initiative aims to repair storm damage and address erosion that could lead to bluffs collapsing.
The space restored historic elements and will serve as a supper lounge and host live music performances.
The $93.3 million facility is under construction at the County Operations Center on Overland Avenue in Kearny Mesa.
The application announces intent to tear down and replace the landmark pier, but approval is pending a public hearing.
The effort aims to find an unbiased way to allocate funding so it makes the greatest impact on the park.
This one-mile segment is part of the Pure Water Program that aims to turn recycled water into clean drinking water.
Fireworks. Hiking. Kid-friendly activities. Capybaras. Festive events. Dang, you’re dynamic, SD.
The park offers areas for horses and livestock, but will also be used as a daily outdoor space and for community gatherings.
Topgolf’s vision includes a three-story venue that would house 102 hitting bays — and the Port of San Diego wants to build an entertainment district around it.
The La Mesa park is preparing for a grand opening ceremony in early 2024.
This will make the area the seventh neighborhood in San Diego County to adopt a zero-emission shuttle service.
The labs at 4796 Executive Dr. will be designed to serve as an accelerator space for local, early-stage biotech entrepreneurs and companies — of which San Diego has plenty.
The project received $4 million in the 2024 fiscal year budget and will include automated license plate recognition technology.
The park in the Marina District has new spaces for children, adults, and dogs, plus it features a public art installation.
The vision includes the development of three new library branches plus renovations and expansions of existing public libraries.
The changes include proposals to add more housing, public transit, and high-rise buildings that could more-than-double the population.
The project will reach milestones in 2024, 2025, and 2028.
Monica and Michael talk with AJ and Sara about developments coming to San Diego by 2030.
The Del’s centerpiece — the red turreted building that houses 367 rooms — will be the final phase of the historic resort’s ambitious, years-long renovation.
The neighborhood spans nine blocks along Imperial Avenue — from 61st to 69 streets — and hopes to become a unifying hub for the Black experience in San Diego.
The city plans to add 100,000 trees and nearly triple its tree coverage by 2035.
The Monarch Artists Residence is an affordable housing project assembled using 42 shipping containers to create 21 homes.
The Port of San Diego says the new park near the Gaylord Pacific Resort will be a “habitat-oriented” space designed to showcase San Diego Bay; the site broke ground on Oct. 3, 2023.
The season will see three new cruises, 100 calls, and passenger volume at a pre-pandemic level.
Good news for San Diego.
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