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San Diego may not have extremely cold temperatures, but electric and gas prices still make winter costs a concern.
The vision includes the development of three new library branches plus renovations and expansions of existing public libraries.
The changes include proposals to add more housing, public transit, and high-rise buildings that could more-than-double the population.
The Del’s centerpiece — the red turreted building that houses 367 rooms — will be the final phase of the historic resort’s ambitious, years-long renovation.
Make America’s Finest City your forever home.
The city plans to add 100,000 trees and nearly triple its tree coverage by 2035.
The Monarch Artists Residence is an affordable housing project assembled using 42 shipping containers to create 21 homes.
The development will break ground in November 2023 and is the first pro sports training facility of this kind on a tribal reservation.
The project will also create a new hiking trail parallel to El Camino Real and improve connectivity to the Dust Devil Nature Trail.
These four projects will help student enrollment grow, with the goal of reaching 50,000 students next decade.
The project will add office space, higher education opportunities, and the largest library in Chula Vista.
San Diego rentals are becoming more competitive, but rent prices are starting to slow
These mico-apartments and small units allow San Diegans to get the best of city living without needing to rent large spaces.
Here’s where the project stands as of mid-September 2023.
By the end of the decade, San Diegans will have new housing, entertainment options, and landmarks in the city skyline.
The new development will bring recreational courts and fields, a dog park, and more activity options to the bayfront destination.
From downtown San Diego to Mission Valley, there’s some luxe living to be had at these buildings in America’s Finest City.
In celebration of the “Barbie” movie hitting theaters on Friday, July 21, we decided to ask AI what a Barbie Dreamhouse would look like if it were built in San Diego.
San Diego has seen fewer homes on the market in 2023, and the short supply is allowing prices to increase — but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any hot homes on the market.
Construction is expected to begin in early 2024.
SAN will add 19 restaurants and seven retail shops as part of its ongoing “New T1" project.
The project will bring new amenities to students and staff and will add 2,400 beds to the campus.
The project will build housing, improve streets and parking, and will give the community its own gateway on Convoy Street.
Up to 75 digital, interactive kiosks will come to downtown San Diego, but some locals have concerns.
The $20 million project will transform the space’s use during game days and provide more amenities for San Diegans.
Locals are invited to join the Sports Arena redevelopment team for a project update this Thursday, May 18, at San Diego Central Library.
The heavy rainfall in San Diego County has allowed plants to grow, but this will turn into fire fuel once it dries.
As San Diego continues to grow, we’re keeping an eye on upcoming developments and recently opened businesses.
Browse these dreamy houses currently on the market in San Diego.
The number has fallen from eight, due to real estate market changes
Home sale prices are declining, but demand remains strong
Good news for San Diego.
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