What is the ‘Coastal Resilience Master Plan?’

The effort aims to find natural ways to address searise, protect communities, and preserve natural habitats.

Waves in Ocean Beach as kids play on the beach.

High surf can cause erosion on San Diego’s coastline.

The City of San Diego is working to address rising sea levels by developing a green infrastructure program known as the “Coastal Resilience Master Plan.” This state and federally funded effort is a component of the city’s “Climate Resilient SD Plan” — guidelines to help the city adapt and thrive in a changing climate.

This blueprint aims to find nature-based solutions that mitigate coastal flooding and erosion while protecting the natural habitats of San Diego’s wildlife. Solutions could include wetland restoration, dune engineering, waterfront park creation, and landward realignment to move the coastline boundary inward.

City staff will soon be collecting feedback at community events, starting with a booth at the Ocean Beach Farmers Market on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2024. More pop-up events, webinars, and workshops will be scheduled in the future, or you can provide input online. A first draft is expected early this year, and the project aims to be completed in 2026.