San Diego’s seven million-dollar communities

The number has fallen from eight, due to real estate market changes

The Carlsbad sign at sunset

Carlsbad is a beautiful community.

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San Diegans know it costs a pretty penny to live here, so it may not be surprising to hear the county is home to multiple “million-dollar communities” — areas where the typical house costs at least seven digits.

There used to be eight, but due to changes in the housing market, the average home in Bonita has dipped just below $1 million. According to Zillow, seven remain, and there are reasons these communities are so desirable.

Rancho Santa Fe — $3,766,957

This community is home to great schools and is close to many local attractions. Homes in Rancho Santa Fe tend to be large, often exceeding 5,000 sqft with ample stunning amenities.

Del Mar — $3,455,481

The cost of living in this coastal city seems to be racing upwards. Del Mar offers beachfront properties and is home to the famous Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.

Coronado beach dunes

Beaches this beautiful attract equally beautiful homes.

Coronado — $2,258,276

This “island” is a major tourist destination, but the locals love it for its history, beautiful architecture, and of course its stunning beaches.

Solana Beach — $1,876,118

This North County neighborhood feels like a small town and is ideal for families who love the outdoors with its high-quality schools and easy access to the beach.

Encinitas — $1,661,106

You guessed it, locals flock to Encinitas for the beach and outdoor offerings. Beyond that, you’ll find plenty of shopping, events, and dining.

Carlsbad — $1,338,506

Locals know this city for its beaches and attractions like LEGOLAND California, but the housing market is also driven by the number of employers and quality of schools.

Poway — $1,075,534

This suburban community is perfect for nature lovers, with access to trails and parks. It’s also great for families thanks to its proximity to shopping and its A+ schools.

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