Where to buy indoor plants in San Diego

From pothos to pots, these spots have all your indoor plant needs and desires covered.

Houseplants at Pigment in San Diego

Looking for a green start at Pigment.

Photo via SDtoday + Monica Garske

Let’s talk indoor plants, San Diego. DYK indoor plants are more than just aesthetically pleasing home accents? They are said to improve air quality, reduce stress, support sharper focus, and more.

So, where can you stock up on indoor plants locally?

🪴Pigment, 3801 30th St., North Park
Find your pot, find your plant, and create a lively indoor space. This store is filled with local art and artisan goodies, but its houseplant selection has us growing crazy. You’ll find succulents and plants that are low maintenance and improve air quality so you won’t spend too much time as an indoor gardener.

Pro tip: There are also stores in Liberty Station and Del Mar.

🪴Wild Island Collective, 3504 Adams Ave., Normal Heights

Bringing a touch of the island vibes, Wild Island Collective is the spot for plant lovers. From eco-friendly items, event space, and plant design services, this shop is a hit in the local plant community.

🪴 Houseplant Nation, 2548 Congress St., Old Town

Want the jungle vibes but don’t want to go outside? Bring them inside. This shop is all indoor plants all the time, bringing clean air into homes and office spaces all over San Diego. From leafy giants, to petite succulents, this shop has everything in the plantopedia.

🪴 Terra Bella Nursery, Inc., 302 Hollister St., Palm City

Plants, plants, and more plants — Terra Bella Nursery has something for every plant lover. Offering wholesale options and single buys, this spot can help you jump start those windowsill gardens you’ve been procrastinating, or bring the indoor plant serenity onto that desk in your office.

Never stop growing, North Park Nursery

Things are growing well in North Park.

🪴 North Park Nursery, 2335 University Ave., North Park

Did someone say native plants? North Park Nursery is ready to make your space the ultimate forest offering an abundance of leafy, viney, and water loving plants. This is a place that knows its stuff, offering plant design services and event spaces for every and any situation.

🪴 Mission Hills Nursery, 1525 Fort Stockton Dr., Mission Hills

This nursery was founded by Kate Sessions, so it knows how to turn San Diego spaces green. You’ll find an outdoor garden here, but head inside. That’s where you’ll find the houseplants — and the experts who can help you find the perfect ones.

🪴 Walter Andersen Nursery, 3642 Enterprise St.

Calling all new plant owners. Family-owned and operated since 1928, Walter Anderson boasts a massive plant selection. The nursery offers special soil, plant food, and seasonal advice, to help you keep your new little house plant alive.

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