Who takes the throne? Peep San Diego’s best bathrooms

Ryan Gosling, Marilyn Monroe, spaceships, strawberries, and mirrors, oh my.

SD Ryan Gosling Bathroom Bang Bang

Hey, girl — this bathroom is legendary.

Photo via @bereodri

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If you have to go, you might as well do it in style. San Diego’s creative commodes may have gotten snubbed in Cintas’ 2023 America’s Best Restroom contest, but we won’t let our city’s best bathroom contenders go to waste.

San Diego is flushed with great loos.

Bang Bang, 526 Market St.

Arguably the most famous local bathroom, the Ryan Gosling-themed masterpiece at this downtown sushi restaurant and nightclub might have you saying, “Hey, girl.” The walls are blanketed with photos of the A-list actor wearing everything from tuxes to T-shirts. Gosling apparently got wind of the motif and once commented on social media, “#Disturbing… Really?”

SD Mothership bathroom

This spacey stall is certainly out-of-this-world.

Photo via @coheteboy

Mothership, 2310 30th St.

Even the restroom at this buzzy, space-themed restaurant in South Park is out-of-this-world. Customers have said the glowing red stalls remind them of the Death Star from “Star Wars,” or perhaps what it feels like to be inside a UFO.

SD Miss B's Coconut Club best bathrooms

Marilyn, meet JFK — JFK, meet Marilyn.

Miss B’s Coconut Club, 3704 Mission Blvd.

The Caribbean restaurant in Mission Beach gives a cheeky historical nod in one of its restrooms: The wallpaper features images of Marilyn Monroe and President John F. Kennedy.

SD The Invigatorium Best Bathrooms

Strawberries and cockroaches — a strange combo yet somehow, it works.

Photo via SDtoday

The Invigatorium, 631 Ninth Ave.

The zany decor at this coffee, breakfast, and lunch spot flows into the restroom. The wallpaper features strawberries and cockroaches, which is strangely not as revolting as it sounds — especially against the chic fixtures.

SD Morning Glory best bathrooms

The mirror-filled bathroom at Morning Glory.

Photo via @jolene_akajo

Morning Glory, 550 W. Date St., Ste. C

This trendy brunch restaurant in Little Italy gives patrons a chance to reflect in its bathroom. It’s completely covered in mirrors and features a Japanese toilet, keeping the Instagram-worthy energy going… everywhere.

🚽 Update: We asked you to vote for your favorite bathroom of this bunch, and you answered the call. As of October 2023, the loo that shined with SDtoday readers was the mirrored masterpiece at Morning Glory.

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