San Diego FC debuts official name and team crest

The team’s crest celebrates the 18 cities that unite to form San Diego County.

SD San Diego FC MLS crest

San Diego FC — the city’s new MLS team — unveiled its official crest, colors, and name on Oct. 20, 2023.

Photo via San Diego FC

It’s official: San Diego’s new Major League Soccer team is named San Diego Football Club or San Diego FC.

The forthcoming team — set to debut at its home turf at Snapdragon Stadium in February 2025 — announced its name on Friday, Oct. 20, 2023.

The team also revealed their official colors: azul (blue), “representing the seamless union of water and sky,” and chrome, “representing our spirit of innovation.”

SD San Diego FC merch

Some of the San Diego FC merch fans will be able to rock.

Photo via San Diego FC

Meanwhile, the heart of San Diego FC’s crest is “The Flow,” a soccer-ball shaped symbol featuring 18 lines “woven into one,” a nod to the 18 cities that proudly make up San Diego County. The design also embodies the team’s four virtues: gratitude; proud, not loud; diversity; and a state of flow.

“We believe our crest truly reflects the essence and spirit of San Diego,” the club said at their reveal.

Love the name and colors? Not a fan? Let us know what you think they should be.

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