North Park welcomes The Seventh House

The glamorous restaurant fuses French and Baja cuisines.

Inside The Seventh House

A look inside The Seventh House.

Bienvenue à North Park, The Seventh House. The restaurant recently celebrated its opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, welcoming locals to the upscale lounge.

The Seventh House ribbon cutting

Bonjour, The Seventh House.

Inside, you’ll find a French + Baja-inspired menu with décor to match. Be prepared to be dazzled by elegant champagne showers and mystified as you discover your destiny (and new favorite dish) by following tarot cards.

What’s on the menu? You’ll find small plates, apéritifs, plenty of French wines, and entrées. And, the restaurant lives by Marie Antoinette’s motto: “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” — or “let them eat cake,” to us Americans. That means your sweet tooth will love the breakfast, brunch + dessert options.

📍 2538 University Ave.
🗓️ Répondez s’il vous plaît — you can reserve a table online, which is recommended for larger groups.

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