San Marcos celebrates the opening of the new South Lake Park

The new park is perfect for fishing and had a 1-mile hiking trail

A ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new South Lake Park

Welcome to the new South Lake Park.

Photo via @sanmarcoscity

San Marcos is reeling in good news. The city officially opened the new South Lake Park — a 10-acre outdoor space that’s ~4 miles from Lake San Marcos.

South Lake reservoir was built in 1959 to store ~73 million gallons of drinking water. In 1984, regulations changed, and its primary purpose became emergency water storage. But in 2005, San Marcos made a 50-year deal with Vallecitos Water District to rent the lake for $1 annually.

The area had been inaccessible to the public, and locals had been waiting for the outdoor space to open since San Marcos held a workshop in 2007. After years of planning, the new park offers:

  • Fishing access in the 50-ft deep lake
  • A 1-mile trail around the lake
  • A small parking lot
  • LG Sonic Buoys that control algae

Visit — 975 Sunstone Dr., sunrise to sunset

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