5 project ideas to boost home value in San Diego

A San Diego neighborhood. | Photo via Canva

A San Diego neighborhood. | Photo via Canva

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Looking for a change in scenery? Our real estate market can be a little scary, but relocation isn’t your only option — there are ways to feel like you’re in a new home within the same walls.

Best of all, home upgrades can be worthwhile investments, especially because San Diego incentivizes some of them. These projects can change your living experience, but if you do move, they also add value to your home. We’ve constructed a few project ideas to help make your home more comfortable, valuableand in some casesaffordable.

Solar panels on the roof

Panel says — go solar.

Photo via Travis Danks + SolarTech

☀️ Go solar

If there’s one thing we have in San Diego, it’s the sun, and solar panels offer a sustainable way to turn it into energy. There’s no denying this is an investment — but with rising electric charges — it’s one that pays back. Just how much? Here’s some home economics to help:

🚿 Make your yard water efficient

San Diego home

These cacti are perfect for this home + our climate. | Photo via @cestchristine

San Diegans are lucky to have the sun, but water is a bit more scarce. So, a yard that uses less water will be easier to maintain + lower your bill. San Diego County offers rebates for homeowners who want to waterscape their land to optimize water usage.

These initiatives may plant an idea for a new project including preservation of rainwater, drought-friendly landscaping, or adding new plants — especially ones native to this region.

🪟 Keep it cool

Old windows can literally suck… cool air out of your home. If you’re spending more time + energy controlling temperatures, it might be time for new windows. The county suggests ENERGY STAR windows help seal your home and reduce the loss of heat by 20%.

But if we’re being transparent, windows aren’t the only issue impacting your indoor climate. Poor insulation + open vents can have big impacts on temperatures, increasing costs by nearly 11%. If you’re exploring options, you may want to consider exploring green insulators like cellulose or recycled denim.

💡 Smart appliances

Whether your residence is a single-family, multi-family, or condo, new appliances can improve efficiency + reduce energy consumption. This could be simple as lightbulbs, cool as a smart thermostat, or clean as a washer + dryer. Consumer Reports says new appliances boost home value, and they will support county-wide initiatives to save water and energy.

⛱️ Get covered outside

We don’t mean to throw shade, but covering your patio or balcony will allow you to spend more time outdoors while consuming less energy. Outdoor living spaces add value to your home, and according to SmartMoney.com, a nice patio + well landscaped yard can boost home value by up to 12.4%. Plus, you’ll get to control the feel of this space for a better outdoor environment.

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