Now Loading in North Park: Botanica, an NFT-centric cocktail bar

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We know North Park is on the cutting edge of San Diego’s art, food + drink scenes, but a new NFT-centric cocktail bar is going to level up the neighborhood’s vibes.

Be Saha Hospitality Group (the brains behind Tahona Bar, Wormwood + Hidden Craft) just announced it’ll open Botanica later this summer at 3139 University Ave. — one of the few bars in the US to showcase non-fungible tokens that can be purchased on the spot. We’re living in the future, friends — let’s visualize the concept.

Botanica NFT cocktail bar

Drinks + digital art, 2022 style. | Rendering via Be Saha Hospitality Group

🖼️ The art

Botanica is being described as an “immersive drinking and social experience” with a focus on modern art. We’re hearing that one wall will display curated NFT art on custom-designed screens, and patrons will be able to buy the NFTs via a digital art gallery.

Be Saha says the 1,500-sqft, 48-seat Botanica will act as a marketplace for NFT art — and a discovery zone for art enthusiasts — while aiming to support local artists.

“Botanica is meant to be a place where visual and experiential art meet,” said Be Saha founder Amar Harrag in a press release. “Our goal is to transcend from a bar into a community center, following in the footsteps of our neighbor Art Produce and supporting young artists with new ways to connect with the world.”

Proceeds from NFT art sales will benefit artists + Create Purpose, a nonprofit that helps orphanages in Mexico.

Need a little 411 on NFTs? We like this explainer and this one, to help us wrap our heads around the concept of digital assets that represent real-world objects like art, music + videos. NFTs are usually one-of-a-kind (generally encoded like cryptocurrency) and an increasingly popular way to buy and sell digital artworks. Still with us? Cool.

Botanica NFT cocktail bar

The craft cocktail program will focus on genever + gin creations. | Photo via Be Saha Hospitality Group

🍸 The drinks

The bar will spotlight botanical spirits, with genever + gin cocktails crafted to reflect famous works of art. Genever is a traditional liquor of the Netherlands, Belgium + France, and Botanica will offer educational tasting sessions so locals can learn more about the spirit. Meanwhile, the food menu will revolve around pintxos — the traditional Spanish tapa — plus modern French cuisine.

📍 Location, location
Botanica will share a complex with Art Produce, a nonprofit cultural center that connects artists, organizations, schools, urban farmers + businesses.

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