New, bilingual, wayfinding signage coming to Balboa Park in 2023

Expect the new signage to be rolled out in phases at park attractions, historical sites, tram stops, and parking lots. ↗️

SD new Balboa Park wayfinding signs

This is the first of many new signs coming soon to Balboa Park.

You can go your own way. Exploring Balboa Park is always an adventure. But since it spans 1,200 acres — with parks, trails, gardens, museums, and historic nooks galoremaps and signs sure do help.

Forever Balboa Park and the City of San Diego are working together to make it easier for locals and visitors to navigate the landmark by adding new, more inclusive signage. Let’s make our way through the project.

🧭 One direction

Forever Balboa Park’s signage and wayfinding planin the works since 2017 — features 20 different types of signs, from welcome and interpretive signage to directional signs. The signs will be “stylistically consistent” so they’re easier to spot and read, and will include Spanish-English translations.

The organization says the project is being rolled out in two phases, the first of which includes updating and installing 35+ signs throughout the park’s three mesas this year. Visitors can expect the new signage at park attractions, historical sites, tram stops, and parking lots.

Phase 2 includes the design and adoption of a parkwide map that will be used digitally and in print.

🗺️ We saw the sign

The project marked a milestone in November 2022, when the first of the bilingual signs was installed at the Kate O. Sessions Cactus Garden at 2144 Pan American Rd. W. — home to some of the largest cactus and succulent specimens in the park.

The sign features English and Spanish descriptions of the garden that honors San Diego horticulturist Kate Sessions, including details on how it was created for the 1935 California Pacific Exposition.

Its color palette and style give a sign of what’s to come — the others set to be installed throughout this year will look similar.

➡️ Keep up with enhancements to the landmark via Forever Balboa Park’s website.

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