The Del’s ‘Wicked, Wicked’ history

The Hotel del Coronado has been the filming location for multiple Hollywood pictures, including a lesser-known horror film.

Hotel del Coronado San Diego

The iconic Hotel del Coronado has offered luxury accommodations since 1888.

Photo via Hotel del Coronado

A woman checking into the Hotel del Coronado at the beginning of "Wicked, Wicked"

Do you recognize the hotel she’s checking into?

Gif of “Wicked Wicked” via Giphy

Locals know the Hotel del Coronado is featured in Marilyn Monroe’s 1959 classic “Some Like It Hot,” but did you know it was the main setting for a twisted tale that will have you seeing double?

“Wicked, Wicked,” a 1973 horror/comedy romp, was filmed completely on location at the hotel, with head-turning shots of The Del’s landscape, including:

  • The Crown Room
  • The lobby
  • The beachfront and fountain pools
  • Many action shots in hotel hallways

The horrifyingly campy flick starring David Bailey, Tiffany Bolling, and Randolph Roberts was widely panned for trying to combine comedy with B-movie slasher tropes. It’s also a cinematic standout for featuring almost the entirety of the film in “Duo-Vision,” where the screen is split to show two different scenes at once.

If you’re curious to see the landmark hotel in this 1970s slasher disaster, it’s available on DVD.

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