The Finals: Best Burger in San Diego

In one corner, we’ve got Rocky’s Crown Pub, in the other, The Balboa — who will win?

SD Burger Bracket Finals

It’s the final countdown, SD.

Graphic by 6AM City

Things are heating up in America’s Finest City. All month, SDtoday readers have been very vocal about their favorite local burger restaurants.

Now, the battle is really cookin’: Rocky’s Crown Pub and The Balboa Bar and Grill are going head to head to be crowned the champion of burgers.

See your pick to the finish by voting in our final poll now through 12 p.m. Thursday, March 30.

SD Rocky's Crown Pub

A classic burger from Rocky’s.

Photo via @dj_josh_lee

SD The Balboa Bar and Grill

A burger from The Balboa.

Photo via @thebalboasd

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