10 snacks made in San Diego and sold in grocery stores

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Here’s what’s poppin’ in Vons. | Photo via Michael Beausoleil + SDtoday

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If snacktime is your favorite time of day, we feel you. We want to shop local, but it can be hard to find local products hiding in aisles of chips, cookies, and granola bars. We’re not saying these snacks are found in every store, but they can be found in some major chains, so it doesn’t have to be a chore to snack locally.

🍿 Calicorn

We might not be going out as much recently, so it’s nice to know we don’t need to go far to get some local popcorn. Calicorn Popcorn proudly displays its San Diego pride on its bags, though you can find it at many convenience + grocery stores like Ralphs or Vons.

🌰 Perfect Bars

We’re nuts for snacks that are high in protein, organic, and delicious. Perfect Bars give us a boost of energy and taste great. These nut-based bars come in various flavors and can be found at local chains like Vons, Rite Aid + 7-Eleven.

🌶️ Bitchin’ Sauce

Sometimes, it’s more about the sauce than the snack itself. Bitchin’ Sauce is serving some tasteful attitude with its savory, spicy + sweet dips. Made in Carlsbad, you can explore the flavors at grocery stores like Costco, Ralphs, or Targetjust to name a few.

🥜 NuttZo

San Diegans are nutty for their proteins, there’s no better way to indulge than with nut butters. NuttZo has been serving up peanut + almond butters (sometimes with chocolate in the mix) — many varieties are keto or paleo-friendly. Based in Del Mar, you can find them in stores like Whole Foods, Walmart, and Amazon.

Just a handful of the Rickaroons flavors you can find

Just a handful of the Rickaroons flavors you can find. | Photo via @perkybeanscoffee

🥥 Rickaroons

Family-owned, vegan, organic + gluten free, Rickaroons has become a favorite snack in its home neighborhood of La Jolla + around the city. These snack bars are available in a variety of flavors (its newest, pumpkin spice, is still available) and can be found at stores like Jimbo’s, Albertsons, and Amazon.

🥩 Jerky’s Gourmet

Jerky’s Gourmet has found a way to take a meaty, protein-rich snack and give it more flavor. The Fallbrook brand makes salty, spicy, and sometimes sweet jerkies that can be found in some Barons Markets + Sprouts locations as well as smaller convenience stores.

🥑 Chosen Foods

San Diegans love avocados, so Chosen Foods found ways to use the fruit in the kitchen. While the Middletown brand makes non-stick sprays and cooking oils, we like to grab the guacamole for snacktime — which can be found at grocers like Gelson’s + Sprouts.

🍪 Bhu Foods

Available in 4,000+ stores, Bhu Foods calls Imperial Beach home. The keto-friendly brand makes protein-rich cookies + cookie dough, and can be found in major grocery stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Target.

🍞 Ne-Mo’s Bakery

If your sweet tooth is looking for breakfast, dessert, or a snack, Ne-Mo’s Bakery has a treat for you. The shop itself is in Escondido, but its pre-packaged breads + cakes can be found nationwide in convenience stores like 7-11, ampm + Circle K.

Something tells us that we’ll need all this salsa.

Something tells us that we’ll need all this salsa. | Photo via @el_nopalito

🍅 El Nopalito

There’s no better snack to share than chips + salsa, but we think they taste better when they’re bought locally. El Nopalito has a spicy reputation for salsa with a restaurant in Encinitas and a market in Oceanside, but stores like Vons and Jimbo’s in North County often have the salsa in stock.

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