Apartment complex built out of shipping containers opens in Barrio Logan

The Monarch Artists Residence is an affordable housing project assembled using 42 shipping containers to create 21 homes.

City leaders gather outside of the Monarch Artists Residence in Barrio Logan

These homes were pieced together to build a 21-unit complex.

The Monarch Artists Residence in Barrio Logan is finally completed. The complex, managed by CoPlace, is a unique addition to the community because it was built out of shipping containers.

The loft community features 21 affordable units and is the first factory-built housing project approved in San Diego. This method allows premade modules to be delivered and stacked to design homes. However, there are limitations — particularly because shipping containers are rigid and there are limited options for modifications of electrical lines and plumbing.

Units are designed to be 320 sqft with kitchens, bathrooms, and patios. This building style — in alignment with the city’s Homes for All of Us initiative — aims to add more housing quickly to San Diego. The first phase of another complex made from shipping containers is under construction in El Cerrito, set to open 41 units for unsheltered locals by the end of the year.

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