Ocean Beach’s only Starbucks set to close

Locals have mixed responses to the chain exiting the neighborhood.

Starbucks San Diego

Coffee time, San Diego.

Photo via Michael Beausoleil + SDtoday

Residents in Ocean Beach may need to go a little further on their next coffee run. On Monday, Dec. 12, the Starbucks at the corner of Newport Avenue + Bacon Street will say see you latte to the beachside community.

The store opened in 2001, and received mixed reviews before brewing its first cup. After 21 years in the community, reactions to its departure are still blended.

Starbucks in Ocean Beach CA

A welcome board inside the OB Starbucks.

Photo via @mellow_daze

Spill the details

A trip to Ocean Beach will put you in proximity to many stores, but very few have brand recognition. The community likes it that way — it’s always been a funky place that embraces its individuality + quirkiness and supports small, local businesses. So, a venti corporation like Starbucks seems out of place in OB.

When the coffee giant announced plans to enter the neighborhood, hundreds of residents united to peacefully protest. At the time, Starbucks was willing to pay nearly double the leasing rate for the Newport Avenue space, so it moved in. Many locals feared the beginning of the end — meaning a flood of big businesses would move in and change the culture.

Over two decades later, only a few major chains have entered OB, but it seems a lot of locals are still happy to see Starbucks close. Many prefer their local chains — but some admit they’ll miss their Frappuccinos.

The next cup

For some locals, this Starbucks was a convenient way to order ahead and get a consistent cup of coffee. Now, the nearest store is slightly over two miles away on West Point Loma Boulevard, though there’s a grande number of other Starbucks locations in San Diego. This has a silver lining: Employees will be able to transfer to a nearby store.

One closure won’t decaffeinate OB. There are other buzzworthy coffee shops in the neighborhood, and local chain Spill the Beans announced it will open a new store at 4827 Newport Ave. — down the street from the former Starbucks and on the same block as OB Beans Coffee Roasters.

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