Magic shops around San Diego

From pocket tricks to stage-set performances, these shops have it all.

Entrance to Art of Play Magic Shop in San Diego

These locally handcrafted puzzles and cards can unlock a new level of curiosity.

Looking to master the art of magic in San Diego? Check out these five local magic shops with tricks + treats for masterclass magicians and amateurs alike.

🎩 Old Town Magic, 2611 San Diego Ave. Ste. 3
Explore historic Old Town and step into this magician’s supply shop with toys, games, pranks, and magic for all ages. Pro tip: The magicians will demo magic on site and then share how to master the trick for free.

🎩 Art of Play, 2355 India St., Little Italy
We’re not playing around with these local magicians. Described as a modern wonder emporium, you’ll find specialty designed cards, puzzles, games, and toys in its long list of products. Pro tip: This shop exists predominantly online.

🎩 Magic Shop San Diego, 330 N. Andreasen Dr., Escondido
If you’re looking to connect with members of the magic community and hone your craft, stop by this establishment. From street magic to stage performances, the helpful magicians behind the counter can treat you with all the tricks you need.

🎩 Tree of Life, 4870 Santa Monica Ave. Ste. 1A, Ocean Beach
For all our local witches and warlocks, this metaphysical store offers out-of-this-world products and services. Inside you’ll find items such as herbs, oils, books, and candles, and after you shop, experience a psychic or tarot reading + sign up for a full moon ritual when the night is right.

🎩 La Jolla Magic, 7966 Herschel Ave. Unit A, La Jolla
Magician Craig Blackwood has set up his open air shop in the coastal neighborhood, putting on magic shows and encouraging the community to learn a trick or two. Beyond the in-store performances, you can also find magic kits, books, toys, trick deck of cards, and a working Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine.