5 spicy spots to get wings

If you’re looking to spice up your meal, start with an appetizer of chicken wings at one of these local hot spots where you can find a variety of sauces and flavors.

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Dirty ranch and honey mustard wings at Dirty Birds.

Photo via @nickdeez

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect appetizer or meal, just wing it. San Diego is home to many great places to get chicken wings, and we’re mildly obsessed with the spicy snack. So, we’re serving up five places that have us clucking over their wings.

Dirty Birds, Various
Whether you want to keep it cool with “no heat” or a get a fiery wing, this restaurant has dozens of sauces to try. Locals aren’t the only ones drooling over Dirty Birds, The Daily Meal once ranked it the No. 10 wing spot in America.

San Diego Brewing Company, Grantville
Head to this brewpub for a saucy selection of wings. You’ll be able to pick your heat level and flavor, and you can opt for bone-in, boneless, or the highly-rated vegetarian wings.

OB Noodle House spicy garlic wings next to tacos

Spicy garlic wings at OB Noodle House.

OB Noodle House, Ocean Beach
Don’t let the name confuse you, the wings are a stand-out on this menu. Specifically, the Spicy Garlic Wings have been noted for being crispy, spicy, and a little sweet — and famous foodie Guy Fieri once tried them.

Pizza e Birra, Middletown
According to Yelp data, this is the No. 1 spot for wings in San Diego. Diners have raved that the sauce selection and crunchiness pairs perfectly with the restaurant’s pizzas.

Epic Wings, Various
This chain was founded as Wings N’ Things in San Diego in 1982 and claims it helped buffalo wings migrate to the West Coast from the east. The company has expanded to other states, but there are 17 restaurants in San Diego County and decades of local history.

No bones about it, San Diego has more great places to get wings. If we missed your favorite, let us know so we can include it in a future serving of wing spots.

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