Progress on the Uptown Bikeways Project in San Diego, CA

Construction on Fifth Avenue
Construction on Fifth Avenue | Photo via SANDAG

Let’s get moving, and there’s no need to fill up the tank. The Uptown Bikeways Project is giving the city 12 miles of new bikeways that will link major neighborhoods and it’s starting to open.

Bike lanes on Fifth Avenue
Bike lanes on Fifth Avenue | Photo via SANDAG

The project is being completed in five segments across the city — and the first, Fourth + Fifth Avenue bikeway, is now opening in stages.

  • 🚲 Segment Two: Eastern Hillcrest is in the final design stage
  • 🚲 Segment Three: Washington Street + Bachman Place are in final design stages
  • 🚲 Segment Four: Mission Hills + Old Town are in the final design stages
  • 🚲 Segment Five: Park Boulevard is in the planning stage


As we enter the later stages (and see more construction), we thought this would be a good time to refresh on the project as a whole — and what San Diego can expect soon.

What are the goals?

Of course, the city wants us to get biking. This will increase access + mobility throughout communities and welcome more sustainable forms of transportation.

Which parts of the city will be connected?

When the project is completed, the southernmost path will be Downtown. Paths will continue through Bankers Hill and provide access to Old Town, Hillcrest, Mission Valley, North Park + parts of Balboa Park.

Who’s funding the project?

This $49.3 million project is funded by the TransNet transportation tax.

Green lines mean bike traffic

Green lines mean bike traffic | Photo via SANDAG

Will street traffic be impacted?

The completed lanes will not have permanent impacts on vehicular traffic, but ongoing construction may result in delays. Parking will see some changes— segment one identified an opportunity for 55 new parking spaces, but 23 spaces will be lost throughout Hillcrest. 

Can motorized scooters use the lanes?

If you’re using a scooter (like Bird or Lime), vehicle code 21230 requires you to use the bike lanes. Bikers should be prepared to share + this gives a clear space for scooters.

When will the project be completed?

There’s no firm date, but segment three is anticipated to be completed by 2025. Segment five is still being planned, so expect parts of the city to see construction beyond 2025.