San Diego Zoo welcomes 4 baby monkeys

Three monkey species saw additions in the fourth quarter of 2023.


This is one way for baby squirrel monkeys to learn to climb.

Image courtesy of San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

The end of 2023 was bananas at the San Diego Zoo — four monkey infants were born within a few weeks. The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance said these new residents will help grow the population of three species:

  • Two squirrel monkeys, born Nov. 27 + Nov. 28 — see them in the Wildlife Explorer’s Basecamp.
  • A Schmidt’s red-tailed monkey, born Nov. 11 — this little one lives in the Ituri Forest habitat.
  • A DeBrazza’s monkey, born Oct. 28, the first DeBrazza’s born at the zoo in 26 years — lives in the Lost Forest habitat.

All four infants are bonding with their mothers, who are frequently nursing them and helping them adjust to their new surroundings. Guests may be able to spot them at their respective habitats, and they’re expected to become more active as they develop.

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