Scrippshenge 2023 seen in La Jolla, San Diego

The phenomenon occurs when a sunset perfectly aligns with the end of Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier.

The sunset aligning with the end of Scripps Pier to make a Scrippshenge.

The perfect Scrippshenge.

Photo via @erikjepsen

Beachgoers caught more than waves at Scripps Beach in La Jolla this week. Lucky visitors watched and photographed the perfectly aligned sunset that resulted in “Scrippshenge.” The local phenomenon occurs when the sunset can be seen through the opening at the end of the landmark Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier.


The perfect sunset has a-piered.

Video via @shotbyvish

Scripps Institution of Oceanography gave the biannual event the playful name after Stonehenge — one of the ancient wonders of the world — and San Diegans consider the Scrippshenge to be a local wonder.

Locals can expect to spot a Scrippshenge twice a year, if weather allows. The first occurrence is typically in early May and the second one is usually in early August.

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