San Diego reveals name of mini, electric street sweeper

SWEEP-E will cruising through the city on zero-emissions fuel.

SWEEP-E debuts a new name and a new look

A clean look for a clean vehicle.

Photo via @CityofSanDiego

Well, that was a sweeping success. The City of San Diego asked you to name its first fully-electric mini street sweeper, and with 1,000+ votes, the results are in: meet SWEEP-E.

The vehicle also got a new paint job that really seals the deal. When you see SWEEP-E cruising down the street, you’ll see its blue, ocean-themed exterior with a sea lion on the back.

While most people would call the zero-emission street sweeper a green vehicle, the effort (and appearance) aligns with the Think Blue San Diego initiative to keep our water clean. By removing litter and debris from the streets, SWEEP-E will prevent pollution from entering storm drains or ending up in the ocean. Plus, its small size makes it possible for it to clean bike lanes, improving the city’s bikeability.

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