San Diego wants you to name its electric street sweeper

The name will be chosen at the end of November.

San Diego electric street sweeper

This mini sweeper spends its days protecting our local waterways.

Photo via the City of San Diego

The City has launched its new, fully-electric mini street sweeper, but it’s missing one crucial component — a name. 🚛

Officials are asking residents to help name the electric sweeper, which spends its days on San Diego streets keeping pollution out of local waterways.

Don’t let your ideas get swept away — submit your name through the City’s social media or by sending them an email.

In case you need more naming inspiration, the sweeper will eventually be painted blue to match the Think Blue outreach and education initiative. 💧

Three options will be selected from the submissions, and locals can able to vote on their favorite through Wed., Nov. 23, with a winner announced later in November.