Nine local clubs San Diegans can join as adults

Expand your knowledge while making new friends


You always need someone to hike by your side, or behind your camera.

Looking to explore a hobby while meeting other locals? San Diego is home to many groups that connect like-minded folks.

These nine clubs are a small sample of what you can find in San Diego, but there are many more. Services like Meetup, Volo Sports, or Eventbrite can help you find your people and your new passion.


  • If you’re ready to get moving, the San Diego Run Club Foundation unites runners with a common goal: supporting each other. You’ll also receive discounts at local events.
  • Paddle into Pacific Beach Surf Club. This community of wave-catchers is dedicated to the sport and our coastline. They host friendly competitions, help teach newbies, and keep the coastline clean.
  • There are lots of local hiking trails to discover, so why not make friends on the journey? San Diego Hiking Club will introduce you to new people while you explore nature.


  • Movie buffs can take action and join the Cinema Society of San Diego. Enrollment is open for the 2023-2024 season.
  • If you explore San Diego through a different lens, check out Darkroomers. This camera club has been around since 1941, and members can display their photos and enter competitions.
A taste of sake as a presenter displays a bottle of sake in the background

Join a club, for goodness sake.

Photo via SDtoday + Michael Beausoleil

Learn more

  • Follow the San Diego Sake Club for events centered around the fermented rice drink that are equal parts educational and delicious.
  • Paging all bookworms. Many San Diego Public Library branches host book clubs — there’s even a virtual one.
  • If you have career goals, entrepreneurial ideas, or just want to learn more from other professionals, SD Networking and Events hosts workshops, mixers, and business showcases.
  • Let your knowledge of the city’s natural beauty blossom by joining the San Diego Horticultural Society. The group holds monthly events, hosts meetings, and shares a newsletter.