San Diegans are spotting its road assessment van in action

The city is using lasers and cameras to determine which roads need maintenance.

Pothole van

This van does a hole lot more than you’d expect.

Photo via @CityofSanDiego

Have you seen this van on the streets? If you think it’s just filling potholes, you’re not seeing the hole picture.

This road assessment vehicle has been cruising through local streets — 3,000+ miles, to be exact — to track conditions using laser and camera technologies. This allows the city to assess street conditions and determine where repairs are most-needed. This is especially important after this year’s storms left an increased number of potholes on San Diego’s roadways.

The van is also helping the city get back on track to report its Overall Condition Index every four years, which categorizes streets as good, fair, or poor. The city hopes this will help save money by tackling maintenance on roads in fair condition, and prevent them from turning into more costly projects.

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