Best locations to watch a winter San Diego sunset

Something about those winter skies just hit different.

San Diego Sunset at Sunset Cliffs

The sunset at Sunset Cliffs in unmatched.

Photo via Michael at SDtoday

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Dec. 21 is the Winter Solstice, which means it’s the shortest day of the year. In San Diego, that means ~10 hours of daylight — and it’s a joyful occasion.

Why are we excited? Because the future literally gets brighter with more sunlight each day. The sunset ( + sunrise, too) in San Diego is also amazing. We have plenty of places to watch it, but you can’t beat our coastline.

A look at the ocean in Oceanside

A look at the ocean in Oceanside | Photo via @akaphotos619

Oceanside Pier

Head north to find Oceanside’s beloved pier —a 1,942-foot long landmark with plenty of space to watch the sun go down while waves roll in. Afterwards, you might consider eating at one of the restaurants located on the pier because the sun sets before dinnertime.

Sunset Cliffs

Ocean Beach is home to the neighborhood of Sunset Cliffs + Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. With names like that, the main activity should be no surprise. Bring a chair and blanket and simply enjoy watching the sun go down.

Coronado Ferry Landing Pier

The Coronado Ferry sails between the Broadway Pier and the Coronado Ferry Landing Pier — where the Coronado Island looks at the San Diego skyline. It’s a beautiful sight during the daytime, but the sunset is a stunning reminder that we have both city + coastal life.

Crystal Pier sunset in Pacific Beach

Crystal Pier adding some light to our sunset | photo via SDtoday

Crystal Pier

In Pacific Beach you’ll find Crystal Pier, perfect for fishing, watching the surfers — and, you guessed it — catching the sunset. If you walk toward the end you’ll find a view of the sky that’s unobstructed, aside from PB’s Christmas tree.

This year, the Winter Solstice falls on a Tuesday, so don’t worry if you’re still working. The sunset is just as beautiful every night, and daylight only gets slightly longer each day. You have until Wednesday, Jan. 10, to catch a sunset before 5 p.m.