Unique ways to get fit in San Diego, CA

5 brightly colored mermaid tail fins popping out of a pool

Want to be Part of This World? | Photo via Hotel del Coronado

We’re walking out of 2021 and running into 2022. This is the time of year when people commit to getting and staying active, and not to brag — but we’re already one of the fittest cities in the US. But if you haven’t quite found your stride yet, you might be looking in the wrong places… besides the usual gyms and running paths, this city is also home to some unique fitness activities you can’t find anywhere else.

Mermaid Fitness
If you see a mermaid swimming around Coronado, don’t panic — join the fun. Hotel del Coronado hosts aquatic-cardio classes that will give you the core workout of a lifetime, all while putting you in a fin that would make Ariel proud.

Pole Buzz
When you think of pole dancing, think of strength. Queen Bee’s in North Park offers a number of different dance classes, but the most unique ones may be on the pole. All it takes is trying one class, and you’ll see exactly how many muscles these performers have to have for this style of dance (Spoiler alert: all of them).

Obstacle Course Training Center
It’s no secret that obstacle courses like Spartan Races require a lot of strength, speed + agility. MROC Training in Oceanside will keep you in perfect shape for this type of race — and even if the event never comes, they’ll have you ready to climb a rope, flip a tire or scale a wall at the drop of a hat.


It’s not yoga, it’s not paddle boarding — it’s stand-up yoga paddle boarding. | Photo via @floatingyogis

Floating Yoga
SoCal residents are known for enjoying yoga and paddle boarding, but these activities are usually done separately. Floating Yogis, however, offers a weekly stand-up paddle board yoga class at Agua Hedionda Lagoon in Carlsbad, where you can combine your favorite indoor and outdoor activities (the ultimate version of multitasking). Namaste, friends.

Oceanview Yoga
It’s pretty much unanimously agreed upon that everything is better with an ocean view, and that applies to yoga classes as well. Enjoy just that each weekend with Namasteve’s donation-based classes each weekend at Law Street Park in Pacific Beach.

Pro tip: If you’re opting to spend more time indoors these days, living room-view yoga can be pretty great too. San-Diego based brand Vuori offers free yoga, cardio + strength classes on Instagram each morning.

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