Sea Monster Saloon coming to the Star of India

The Star of India is decorated for the festivities.

Star of India with Octopus tentacles

Something’s taking over the Star of India

Photo via Michael Beausoleil

What’s kraken at the Star of India? The ship is being taken over to host the Sea Monster Saloon on Sat., Oct. 29, from 5-10 p.m. — but don’t worry, the tentacles are just for costume.

Sea Monster Saloon SDtoday

Something’s taking over this ship.

Gif via @gomuseums

If you’re getting déjà vu, this event sold out during Comic-Con. Now, it’s back for Halloween and will focus on the scariest creatures of the deep blue, giving you access to the Maritime Museum of San Diego’s exhibit, “Sea Monsters: Delving into the Deep Myth.” You’ll also hear the sounds of local blues-rock band Fish and the Seaweeds while sipping a specialty rum-based cocktail.

Tickets are on sale for the 21+ party, and costumes are encouraged. But it will only be back for one night, and when it’s over, it’ll be nothing more than a legend.