6 fun San Diego holiday discussions

These lighthearted tabletop discussions won’t divide the family.

Pacific Ocean + Crystal Pier

A view of the Pacific + Crystal Pier

Photo via Michael Beausoleil + SDtoday

‘Tis the season to join the family around a table for holiday meals and chatter. This can be fun, so long as the conversations don’t get too personal + passionate. We recommend these lighthearted discussions — so the only thing that gets heated is the food on the table.

What is the ultimate San Diego side dish?

Apparently, mashed potatoes is the most popular Thanksgiving side dish in California, but other states enjoy dishes specific to their region. What could you serve that screams San Diego? And does it include avocados?

Is the Whaley House really haunted?

If ghosts aren’t real, how did this historic Old Town site become “America’s Most Haunted House?” We’ve all heard stories about the Whaley House — but they’re just stories, right?

What’s the best way to spend a rainy day in San Diego?

It doesn’t rain too often in America’s Finest City, so when it does, we need to get creative. Talk about your favorite ways to have fun, even if the sun isn’t shining.

Lucha Libre's Poblano Cali Burrito

Lucha Libre’s Poblano Cali Burrito

Is the California Burrito a burrito?

We know how to eat this handheld delicacy, but there’s no denying it breaks the mold of standard burritos. So, can we really call this a burrito? And what fillings get wrapped into the perfect California Burrito?

What’s your favorite local holiday tradition?

After the Thanksgiving feast, we’re getting ready for festive fun + lights galore. Discuss the celebrations you’re most excited about — whether it be the food at December Nights, seaside ice skating, or the light shows like the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights.

Pro tip: Check out our winter events guide and come prepared with dozens of suggestions.

Which local beach is the best?

OK, this one could get a bit heated — but that’s because we love all of San Diego’s beaches. Just remember, there are no wrong answers, and we’re thankful we have enough options to allow this conversation.

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