Meet the editors behind SDtoday

Monica Garske and Michael Beausoleil

Meet the SDtoday editors: Monica Garske + Michael Beausoleil | Photo via SDtoday

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Hey San Diegans, Monica Garske + Michael Beausoleil here. Between the two of us, we get the privilege of sharing local news, events, and conversations with readers in San Diego daily — here, and on our socials.

After nearly three months of bringing you SDtoday, we thought we should formally introduce ourselves. Consider this us going in for a fist bump, then switching to a handshake, then settling on a hug.

Meet Monica 💞

Q: Describe your perfect day in San Diego, in the length of a Tweet:

A: OK, miles don’t count here: Morning hike at Torrey Pines, midday lounging on the sand near the Catamaran in PB, a beer at AleSmith (Pale Ale .394 in honor of “Mr.Padre,” always), dinner at Graze by Sam in Little Italy (charcuterie board, always). 🌊

Q: What were the last 3 things you did downtown?

A: Hairspray” at San Diego Civic Theatre, a pop-up dinner featuring amazing Filipino food created by National City native Chef Phillip Esteban + his friends, craft cocktails with my husband at You & Yours Distilling Co. 🎭

Q: Describe San Diego’s personality in three words.

A: Scenic. Dynamic. Colorful. (I need more words, please).☀️

Meet Michael 🦩

Q: If you were taking someone on a tour around San Diego, where are the three places you’re going?

A: We’re taking a morning walk by the Pacific Ocean at Mission Beach, an afternoon trip to the San Diego Zoo, and having dinner in Old Town — with margaritas, of course. 🌮

Q: In your opinion, what is San Diego’s unofficial mascot?

A: An avocado — they are grown here, after all + they’re part of a California Burrito. Can you imagine the San Diego Avocados playing hockey? Maybe that’s why we don’t have an NHL team? 🥑

Q: You’re taking someone on a date in San Diego. Where are you going?

A: Kate Sessions Park in Pacific Beach. You can sit outside + have a picnic while overlooking the city skyline + Mission Bay. 🌳
Pro tip: Make sure to stay for the sunset — it makes everything look spectacular, and even a bit more romantic.

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