San Diego introduces its 2024 fiscal year budget proposal

Mayor Todd Gloria proposes his “Getting It Done” plan

Aerial shot of San Diego with mountains in the background and "Be Dynamic. Be Downtown" mural.

Maintaining this city is an expensive endeavor.

Photo via @CityofSanDiego

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Mayor Todd Gloria recently presented San Diego’s Fiscal Year 2024 Proposed Budget, a plan he’s dubbed “Getting It Done.”

This $5.12 billion proposal outlines the anticipated costs for all of San Diego’s operations. Some areas have seen significant increases in funding, which highlights important initiatives in the city.


San Diego is committed to providing resources for its residents and maintaining its existing infrastructure. The proposal acknowledges that there is work to be done, especially after this past winter’s storms.


The General Fund includes multiple investments in providing unhoused locals with shelter and preventing people from losing housing.

  • $24.5 million to maintain shelter operations and $5 million to expand capacity. This includes the formation of a Safe Camping program — a sanctioned area where people experiencing homelessness can access resources, shelter, and hygienic amenities.
  • $2.3 million in rent assistance for individuals at risk of losing their homes.
  • $1.4 million to remove waste in areas heavily impacted by encampments.
A Smart Streetlight in San Diego with cameras below the lights.

A Smart Streetlight with cameras below the lights.


The city continues making investments in public safety and is working to provide more resources that will prevent crime.

  • ~$25 million toward staffing additional safety officers in police and fire departments.
  • $4.4 million for the “Smart Streetlight” program that aims to help solve crimes.
  • $9.2 million to the Climate Equity Fund that helps address climate change in underserved areas.

What’s next?

A proposal review will be completed by an Independent Budget Analyst by April 28, and Mayor Gloria will submit revisions by May 16. City Council will receive the final budget on June 12; it must be approved by June 15.