‘Ready to Rebuild': What’s in San Diego 2023’s budget?

San Diego Skyline

A glimpse of the skyline + San Diego Bay. | Photo via Michael Beausoleil + SDtoday

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San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria declared he’s “Ready to Rebuild” with the introduction of the Fiscal Year 2023 proposed budget — which spans July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023. The $4.89 billion plan seeks to improve our city + prepare it for decades to come.

The full budget focuses on major goals like city infrastructure, public safety, fulfilling the city’s Climate Action Plan, and building housing solutions. After seeing the full release, we wanted to dive into some of the biggest projects we can expect to see in the next year.

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Mayor Todd Gloria announcing the “Ready to Rebuild” budget. | Screenshot via @City of San Diego

🚰 City infrastructure

  • San Diego is preparing to repair stormwater drainage with $361.5 million set aside for a long-lasting system overhaul — including pipes, pump stations + levees.
  • $349 million for Pure Water San Diego, a purification system providing over half of the city’s drinking water.
  • Vision Zero — an effort to eliminate traffic fatalities and injuries — would receive $24.2 million for sidewalk installations, traffic signals, bicycle facilities + road medians.
  • $77 million to resurface streets.
  • $7.8 million in additional parks + recreation funding.

🚨 Public safety

  • Increased funding to recruit San Diego Police Department officers, firefighters + lifeguards — including salary increases, overtime pay + a $583 million budget to fully staff the police force.
  • Staffing to enforce new regulations to sidewalk vending + short term rentals.
  • Two additional parking enforcement squads, operating seven days a week.

🏠 Housing

  • $63.3 million to provide resources for individuals experiencing homelessness like shelters and workforce training.
  • An additional 400 emergency shelter beds for individuals in immediate need.
  • The mayor’s “Homes For All of Us” initiative is would receive $2.6 million to help streamline permitting and regulatory processing — making more housing available sooner.

♻️ Sustainability

  • $5.4 million to comply with disposal of organic waste, outlined in SB 1383.
  • The addition of a Chief Resilience Officer, overseeing the Climate Resilient SD initiatives.

🗓️ What’s next?

The budget will be reviewed by an Independent Budget Analyst later this month + undergo budget hearings early next month. On Tues., May 17, the mayor will submit a revised budget with a final vote on Mon., June 13.

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