Will building height regulation change in the Midway District?

San Diegans will vote on Nov. 8.

Midway Rising Rendering

Midway Rising could make the space look very different.

The City of San Diego has big plans for the Midway District. The Sports Arena area could see 48 acres transformed for the Midway Rising project, but there’s a hold up: height regulations.

The issue — Measure C on the ballot — will be decided by voters in the Tues., Nov. 8 Statewide General Election. The results will determine the development’s future, and either outcome will impact the city.

📜 The lowdown

Voters will decide whether to exclude the Midway-Pacific Highway Community Plan area (where the Midway Rising project will be constructed) from the 30-foot height limit for Coastal Zones, a regulation designed to preserve access to public spaces + the shoreline. Specifically, this change would allow the Midway Rising project to add 4,250 new homes for San Diegans, including 2,000 affordable units.

Wait up — didn’t we already vote on this? Yes, in 2020, this regulation was Measure E on the ballot. It passed with a 57% approval, but the decision was blocked by the San Diego Superior Court after determining voters didn’t have enough information on environmental impact.

👍 Thumbs up

To pass, Measure E would need to receive the majority of the votes, meaning 50% + 1. It would allow repairs to be made specifically for projects to the Midway District, including:

  • Additional housing, aligning with the city’s “Homes For All of Us” initiative.
  • 8,500 new jobs + retail and dining spaces for customers.
  • A transit-focused community with 20 acres of public parks.
  • A new arena with 16,000 seats.
  • $27.5 million annually in city revenue with no tax increase for residents.

Supporters also note the Midway District is not an actual beach community, as it isn’t directly on the coastline — though it does provide access to Point Loma + Ocean Beach.

👎 Thumbs down

Locals in opposition believe changing height regulations is a slippery slope. While Measure C only impacts Midway-Pacific Highway Community Plan, it would modify a regulation voters passed in 1972. Concerns include:

🗳️ The decision will be made on Election Day. Voters can cast their ballots at a vote center or by returning them by mail.

The $20 million project will transform the space’s use during game days and provide more amenities for San Diegans.
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