San Diego ranks among the most costly commuter cities in the US

The study determined how much a worker in San Diego would earn if they spent their commute time working a median-salary job.

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It can get expensive to spend time on these roads.

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What’s the difference between commuting to work and working from home? About $6,210 in San Diego, according to the Chamber of Commerce.

This makes SD the No. 47 most costly commuter city in the US, when looking at the 170 most populous cities.

The study determined how much money an employee could earn if they spent their precious time working instead of commuting. Researchers factored in the median income for full-time workers and their average commute time.

Crunching the numbers in the City of San Diego, those figures are $66,536 and 44.8 minutes. At that salary, a worker could make $23.88 working during their daily commute — or $6,210 in an entire year.

Three other cities in San Diego County made the list for their costly annual commutes:

  • No. 31 — Oceanside, $6,884
  • No. 46 — Chula Vista, $6,245
  • No. 51 — Escondido, $5,963