Have you seen Gio in San Diego?

The electric buggy is being used to monitor and evaluate the conditions of Class 1 bike paths across 70+ miles in San Diego County.

Gio electric vehicle in San Diego

This vehicle is making a wheelie big difference.

Photo via @CityofSanDiego

Don’t be surprised if you see a small, yellow, 4-wheeled vehicle rolling down a bike lane. That’s Gio, the City of San Diego’s electric buggy that is being used to assess the quality of Class I bike paths.

Gio vehicle driving down a bike path in San Diego.

This vehicle is small and in charge.

Gio runs on a 64-volt electric battery and is equipped with a camera on its roof that records the quality of bike paths. This footage is used to monitor asphalt and prioritize repairs.

The buggy is working to evaluate 70+ miles of cycling paths, and can be seen in areas of the county like Balboa Park, Mission Beach, Seaport Village, Lake Miramar, and San Ysidro. The vehicle is just one component of San Diego’s efforts to continuously monitor its streets, sidewalks, and bike infrastructure.