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25 murals around San Diego

Explore San Diego’s murals — from images of postcards and celebrities to unforgettable splashes of color.

SD Greetings mural

Lookin’ good, San Diego.

Photo via @nattidd

We all know that San Diego has a vibrant arts scene — and we’re not just talking about The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego or The San Diego Museum of Art. One of our all-time favorite galleries? America’s Finest City itself.

San Diego is home to a number of meaningful murals and outdoor art exhibits. Today, we’re sharing where to find pieces that really paint a picture of our city.

Liberty Station Greetings from US Naval mural

Liberty Station feels like a post card.

Photo via Michael Beausoleil + SDtoday

🎨 Greetings from US Naval Training Station | 2825 Dewey Rd., Liberty Station | By Greetings Tour

Victor Ving and photographer Lisa Beggs — the duo behind Greetings Tour — developed this piece to celebrate Liberty Station’s history as a naval training station while greeting visitors to the tourist destination. It really feels like you’re living in a postcard — just go to the other side and see the updated back of this mural.

Smile You're In San Diego

City Editor Mike stands in from of this giant mural.

Photo by Michael Beausoleil + SDtoday

🎨 Smile, You’re in San Diego | 1020 First Ave. | By Pandr Design Co.

Is there any better way to celebrate being in San Diego than with a big smile? Perhaps there is one way — by smiling in front of this giant, colorful mural in downtown San Diego.

Meant to Be mural

Some things are meant to be.

🎨 Meant To Be | 1100 Murray Dr. | By Ground Floor Murals

Paul Jimenez and Signe Ditona are the artists behind Ground Floor Murals — a duo who have been painting the city with tributes to notable people and events. They’ve been commissioned by the San Diego Padres to add multiple pieces honoring the team and its players, including this portrait of Joe Musgrove at Grossmont High School, his alma mater. The mural was added in 2021 after the local legend pitched the Padres’ first no-hitter.

John Lennon Mural

We can’t imagine a better tribute.

Photo via Michael Beausoleil + SDtoday

🎨 John Lennon | 1020 Garnet Ave. | By Steve Garrow

Head to Pacific Beach to find this tribute to the legendary Beatles singer, guitarist, and activist. The peaceful image features the icon with a daisy over his eye and can be spotted on the wall outside of the former Five Guys location.

The magical tunnel

This tunnel is displays the spirit of San Diego.

🎨 The Magic Tunnel | Civita Park | By Kevin Anderson

San Diego is filled with epic parks, and Civita Park has a mural to match. Inside this magical tunnel you’ll find sunny skies, but along the walls you’ll see a collection of attractions, people, and landmarks that make San Diego the best place to live.

Normad Donut mural North Park

Skating then surfing — but first, coffee.

Photo via Michael Beausoleil + SDtoday

🎨 Nomad Donut Surfing and Skateboarding | 3102 University Ave. | By Nicholas Danger

North Park is filled with art, coffee, and local pride. It’s hard to pick a favorite mural in this quirky community, but the surfing and skating donut outside of Nomad Donuts embodies the feeling of a San Diego morning pretty well.

Remember these two things: Play hard and have fun mural

Colorful words for our athletes.

🎨 Play Hard & Have Fun | Snapdragon Stadium | By Channin Fulton

This mural serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement for athletes on the field. Written across the colorful background is a quote from “Mr. Padre” himself, the late great Tony Gwynn, who was a student and later a beloved baseball coach at San Diego State University.

Surf sunset mural Encinitas

Life in Encinitas look better with this mural.

Photo by Michael Beausoleil + SDtoday

🎨 Philz Coffee Encinitas | 1051 S. Coast Hwy. 101 | By Cloe Shadee Hakakian

This dreamy sunset surf scene was commissioned by Philz Coffee and gives us a colorful look at life in the beach community. Rain or shine, you can always depend on this mural to show you a spectacular sunset.

Selena Mural

A memorial worth seeing.

Photo via @soni_artist

🎨 La Reina del Tex-Mex | 2151 Logan Ave. ⁠| By Soni López-Chávez

If you’re dreaming of a cool mural, this tribute to Selena Quintanilla Pérez — the “Queen of Tejano music” — always makes our hearts go “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” when we see it in Barrio Logan.

Your favorite color SDtoday

Which color do you like?

Photo via @_o_mendez

🎨 Your Favorite Color | 7596 Eads Ave. | By Roy McMakin

It took a community to make this colorful display. Artist Roy McMakin asked 882 people their favorite colors among 79 options, and each response corresponds to a tile on the wall. Originally, the art piece was created in 2010 but it was given a refresh in the summer of 2022.

Surfing Mario Mural Carlsbad CA

This mural is next level.

Photo via @muraltime

🎨 Surfing Mario | 2975 Carlsbad Blvd. | By Jim Heath

You might have seen Mario do some cool things, but this is next level. Head to Carlsbad — not the Mushroom Kingdom — to find the iconic plumber surfing on a wave of pipes outside of Witt’s Carlsbad Pipeline surf shop.

Frida Khalo at Old Town Urban Market

Celebrating an artist through art.

Photo by Michael Beausoleil + SDtoday

🎨 Viva La Vida | Corner of Twiggs + Congress streets | By Guillermo “memuco” Munro

This painting of painter Frida Kahlo can be found on the walls of Old Town Urban Market, adding to the celebration of Mexican culture found in the area. Along the wall of this building, you’ll find more artwork adding to Old Town’s culture and beauty.

Ron Burgundy San Diego SDtoday

This man in anchored in San Diego culture.

Photo via @aquaoneart

🎨 Point Loma Ron Burgundy | 2820 Midway Dr. | By Aqua One

This mural is kind of a big deal. It features San Diego’s favorite fictional anchorman, Ron Burgundy — but he’s just part of the art piece. At 120 ft long and 17 ft tall, the display also includes dolphins, a pier, and other San Diego-inspired designs.

It Could Be You mural little italy san diego

This could be a great place to take a picture.

Photo by Michael Beausoleil + SDtoday

🎨 It Could Be You | 2354 India St.⁠ |By Gretchen Weidener

If you can’t imagine a trip to Little Italy without the art, this mural is reflective of the experience. Many people have walked through the community with sunglasses on and saw the neighborhood’s beautiful displays — it’s so common, the mural has seen a doppelgänger or two.

Crest Cafe Elephant Hillcrest

After 10 years, this elephant is a Hillcrest legend.

Photo via Michael Beausoleil + SDtoday

🎨 Crest Café Elephant | 425 Robinson Ave. | By Cody Griffith

This mural of a purple and pink circus elephant was designed to be a whimsical addition to Crest Café — and it fits perfectly in the Hillcrest community. It was commissioned for the restaurant’s 30th birthday in 2012, and a decade later, the elephant stood proud to celebrate the restaurant’s 40th birthday.

Greetings from SD

San Diego really does feel like a postcard.

Photo via @p.jquezada

🎨 Greetings from San Diego | 4223 30th St. | By Greetings Tour

Greetings Tour painted this postcard-worthy mural in North Park by incorporating an element of San Diego life into each letter of the city’s name. As a special nod to the city, the pair commissioned the work of local artist Persue, whose work can be seen in the letter I.

Oceanside Community Mural SDtoday

Oceanside at its finest.

Photo via @visitoceanside

🎨 Oceanside Community Mural |1501 S. Coast Hwy | By Jerry Ragg

This mural celebrates Oceanside and all the beauty it offers. Find it on the Security Public Storage building, and the O’side collage features late San Diego Chargers Hall of Famer Junior Seau, a “Top Gun” tribute, Oceanside Harbor, and of course the beaches.

Catnap mural Carlsbad

There’s always time for a “Catnap.”

Photo via @tifflova_

🎨 Catnap | 2906 Carlsbad Blvd. | By Michael Summers

This colorful display can be found on the wall of Witch Creek Winery in Carlsbad and it’s the purrfect depiction of a catnap on a rainy day. Artist Michael Summers says the piece is meant to illustrate the concept of change, because these white tigers won’t be the same after they’re covered in colors.

Most southwesterly point mural

You can’t go further south than this in the continental US.

🎨 Imperial Beach Pier Mural | Imperial Beach Pier | By Pandr Design Co.

Imperial Beach is one of the most southern cities in the western US. This mural pinpoints your exact coordinates, pinpointing you at the most southwesterly spot in the continental US — a uniquely San Diego experience.

Mural of drag queen Rupaul dressed in drag and image of him as a child.

Drag yourself to Manhattan Bar in Chula Vista to see this mural.

🎨 Queen of Manhattan | 400 Broadway, Chula Vista | By Ground Floor Murals

Did you know RuPaul was born in San Diego? The iconic drag star spent his childhood in the city before moving to Atlanta, then NYC, where he once declared himself the “Queen of Manhattan.” So, it’s fitting that a mural celebrating his life can be seen on the side of Manhattan Bar in the South Bay.

Mural at Hillcrest SDtoday

This mural by Austin Gosswiller and Jack Stricker shows off gems communities by Balboa Park.

🎨 Hillcrest Mural | 3737 Fifth Ave. | By Austin Gosswiller and Jack Stricker

To celebrate 40 years in business, California Bank and Trust gave Hillcrest “the gift of art.” This mural features landmarks and images that reflect the beauty found the community and nearby areas like Balboa Park and Mission Hills.

The MLK Jr. + Mount Hope Community Mural Project on SR-94.

The MLK Jr. + Mount Hope Community Mural Project on SR-94.

🎨 MLK Jr./Mount Hope Community Mural Project | Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway eastbound | Created by Neil Shigley and Philip Matzigkeit

In 2012, this 225-ft long, 20-ft tall mural was added to a stretch of state Route 94 that had been dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1989. It was San Diego’s first large-scale memorial honoring the civil rights leader, and it was designed by two San Diego State University professors using a grant secured by Caltrans.

Giant panda mural with two roaring pandas and a red, floral background.

We might not have panda in the zoo, but you can spot them in North Park.

Photo by Michael Beausoleil + SDtoday

🎨 Angry Pandas | 2930 University Ave. | By Aaron Martin and Thao Huynh French

We might not have pandas at the San Diego Zoo anymore (but maybe soon again), but this North Park mural features two angry pandas that will stay put on the side of Shank & Bône. The roaring animals represent the ability to persevere through struggles, and the lotus flowers behind them are a nod to the artists’ Vietnamese roots. Next to this display is a portrait of a chicken titled “Lahaina Loveletter” by Kolten French, dedicated to the people and animals who survived the Maui fires.

SD Home Mural Liberty Station San Diego

“Home” by local artist Scarlett Baily can be found between Barracks 14 and 15 at Arts District Liberty Station.

Photo via Monica Garske + SDtoday

🎨 Home | Liberty Station, between Barracks 14 + 15 | By Scarlett Baily

This 2,535-sqft mural celebrates the city we call home with a collage of locally inspired images, including people, marine life, and flowers.

🎨 Chicano Park | 1949 Logan Ave., Barrio Logan | Artists vary

Chicano Park is a designated National Historic Landmark with 80+ murals that are symbolic of Latino activism in the San Diego area. The 7.4-acre park is located under the Coronado Bridge and serves as a visual depiction of the struggles and perseverance of the Chicano community.

Psst: We know we’ve only scratched the surface — so expect more murals in the future. Did we miss your favorite? Send us an email let us know.

Ready to see the displays? Check out our map and plan a mural tour.

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