Free artwork to see on UC San Diego’s campus

Geisel Library

The unique shape of the Geisel Library. | Photo via Canva

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Students at UC San Diego spend their days surrounded by artistic beauty. And while we might not be students anymore, we could learn a thing or two by visiting the campus. If you’re looking for a free, scenic walk — we’ve found five incredible sights at the university in La Jolla.

Remember, the campus is open to the public, but students do need to study (sometimes) — so make sure to be respectful + follow safety protocols.

Sun God Statue

Time to honor the “Sun God.” | Photo via Michael Beausoleil + SDtoday

“Sun God” Statue

Walking to the John Muir College, you’ll find a colorful bird who’s become a bit of a mascot — it even has its own festival. Sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle is known for designs embodying contradictory qualities, so we’re trying to stay on this bird’s good side.

Geisel Library

You don’t even need to enter UC San Diego’s main library to be stunned — the building mimics a sphere with its widest floor being in the center. Named after iconic author Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, you’ll find exhibits inside honoring his work and the story of him + his wife Audrey.

“Fallen Star”

Atop the Jacobs School of Engineering building you’ll see a house literally hanging out. From the roof, this crooked cottage looks like a cute home, but from the ground you’ll think it really fell from the stars.

Warren Bear UCSD

A solid piece of art, but don’t try cuddling this teddy bear. | Photo via Michael Beausoleil + SDtoday

Warren “Bear”

Heading to Atkinson Hall you’ll see Tim Hawkinson’sBear,” which stands at 23.5 feet and makes the imbalanced look balanced. Somehow, these mismatched rocks come together to form a teddy bear watching over the campus.

“Chicano Legacy 40 Años” mosaic

Located at Peterson Hall, you’ll find artist Mario Torero’s educational + powerful mural depicting the fight for human rights by Chicanos. The piece represents the changing demographics of the campus in the 21st century.